Assistance and Support Administrative Assistance as per authorizations

Administrative assistance and office work comprise tasks that are closely related to the preparation of the documents you forward to your accountant. We enable, particularly smaller companies, to avoid additional employment costs by entrusting this type of work to us – while you can focus on further developing the success of your own company.

  • Receipt of all customer documentation as per authorization to forward the customer’s mail to our address.
  • The provision of payment services as per your authorization.
  • Other administrative work (human resources, administrative and all business correspondence).
  • The preparation of documents and applications designed to obtain financial funding.
  • The formulation of all types of contracts.
  • Working with you during auditing and inspections.
  • Consultation in the areas of liquidation, compulsory settlements, tax procedures, employment relationships and finances.
  • Direct electronic communication and the submission of documents to external financial institutions.
  • We work with various external consultants which means you can also get a complete service offer for your business operations from a legal perspective by way of legal and other consultancy services.
  • Recovery of debts owed to you via electronic requests for enforcement.