Financial statements

How many times have you found yourself submitting your annual reports in the very final days before the deadline? It’s difficult to put year-long financials in order within just 1 week. But with us, your business will always be transparent. We’ll complete your mid-year balance sheets and financial reports before it’s too late. Take action properly and early and you’ll increase the added value of the services or products you provide. We can also prepare quarterly operations balances on your behalf.

Final Reports

Preparing files for AJPES and DURS

All legal entities can take advantage of the support provided by web applications and Excel spreadsheets that are available on both the AJPES and e-davki (electronic taxation system) portals.

These are intended for local data entry and for preparing the XML file that is imported into the web application.

It is also possible to submit in mixed format (PDF file).

Mid-year Balance Sheets

Reviewing the current status of operations

Mid-year Balance Sheets are designed for the preparation of Balance Sheet and Income Statement data for the purpose of business inspections throughout the year, for internal use as well as for the use of other institutions and banks.

The data in these reports is variable and depends on the bookkeeping / accounting period and is used only as a tool to assess the state of a company’s business operations throughout the year.

Normalized Expense Payers

Closing balances for a Normalized Expense s.p.

The only closing balance, or Balance Sheet, that is required for a normalized expense s.p. is the Tax Return, which is submitted in the month of March for the previous calendar year.

You can submit the Tax Return yourself or turn to one of our experts, who will determine the most optimal type of Return for you.

Keep your financials in order throughout the year

Financial reports are important not only for AJPES and DURS. You can learn a lot from them too!