Monthly Payroll

Data for employee Payroll is prepared on a monthly basis. For every employee, it is necessary to keep a monthly record of:

  • the number of hours worked,
  • the number of vacation days taken,
  • the number of sick leave days taken.

At the same time, a record of compensation for meals and travel to work must also be kept.

Sick Leave

Issuing Reimbursement Claims

For up to 30 days, sick leave is charged to the burden of the employer with the exception of care. In the event of a sick leave of over 30 days and care, sick leave is charged to the burden of ZZZS. This means that for this portion of the sick leave, the employer fills out a reimbursement claim and submits the claim, along with all other necessary documentation, to ZZZS. ZZZS will then reimburse these funds to the employer.

Contract Work

Other Types of Contract Work

Ti dohodki so praviloma prejeti za opravljeno delo ali storitev, ustvarjeno v odvisnem razmerju (ki ni delovno razmerje) med izplačevalcem in fizično osebo in so občasnega ali začasnega značaja.

  • contract work
  • royalties
  • temporary or occasional work performed persons who are retired

Our Payroll Calculations

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Digital orders for import into online banking

Payment orders are prepared by a programme that calculates VAT automatically during the entry of invoices received, payroll calculations, other personal remunerations and contributions, but we can also enter data for the payment order ourselves.
Prepared payment orders can be stored in a file that can be imported into any (Slovenian) online bank.

Calculation of holiday pay

Employers must pay out holiday pay for annual vacation at least in the amount of the minimum wage by the 1st of July of the current year.
The maximum amount of holiday pay is not taxed with compulsory social security contributions.
Holiday pay is taxed only with income tax on the condition that it is paid out in the amount of 70% of the average wage, at most.

Reminders for timely payments

The pay period for the payment of salaries must not be longer than 1 month. A salary is paid within 18 days at the latest following the expiration of the pay period (therefore, on the 18th day of the month at the latest). If the pay day is a holiday, the salary is paid on the first subsequent business day, at the latest.
Holiday pay must be paid out by July 1st of the current calendar year. Exceptionally, by November 1st of the current calendar year, if so determined by a collective agreement at the level of activity and if the employer has serious liquidity problems.