Who is a taxable person?

VAT Returns

Whenever we refer to the purpose of VAT we must understand who a taxable person is. This is a person who independently carries out, in any place, any economic activity, whatever the purpose or result of that activity. Persons who have a taxable turnover of less than 50,000 EUR in the last 12 months (the threshold of entry into the VAT system) are not required to charge VAT on sales (with certain exceptions), and these are referred to as ‘small’ taxable persons.

Imports from abroad

VAT on imports

VAT on imports is calculated from the tax base, which comprises the customs value of the goods, as determined by customs regulations and the amount of duty and other charges payable on imports. Depending on the type of goods, VAT is charged at a standard rate of 22% or at a reduced rate of 9.5%.

Certified Cash Registers

Certified Cash Registers

The Certified Cash Registers Act was passed on 15 July 2015 and came into force on 2 January 2016.

A person liable for use of the certified cash register is any legal entity that sells goods or services by cash and card, via an electronic device that fulfils the prescribed conditions and enables the execution of the procedure for the verification of an invoice that he hands to the purchaser of the goods or services. The legal entity must display, in a visible location, a notification that expresses the obligation of the legal entity to issue and deliver an invoice to the customer and the reciprocal obligation of the customer to accept and retain the invoice issued.

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Digital business operations with e-davki (electronic taxation system)

To conduct e-commerce via e-davki (electronic taxation system), you must first obtain a digital certificate. This certificate is then used to register on the e-tax portal or to authorize another legal or physical person to submit and receive documents on your behalf, to have access to your taxation card and to all other document certification that is required to run your business.

Timely calculations of VAT overpayments/payments

Deadlines are determined on the basis of the reporting period and the specificities of submitting the VAT-O Return, depending on the status of the taxable person and the type of turnover activity, and must be submitted up to the last business day of the month following the expiration date of the tax period or by the 20th of the month following the expiration date of the tax period if conducting transactions within the EU.

Reminders for timely VAT payments and refunds

Liabilities must be settled by the last business day of the month following the expiration of the tax period, which is monthly or trimonthly.

For the refund of VAT overpayments, an offset of other liabilities under the title of FURS charges may applied or is refunded of its own motion within 30 days from the date of notification of the decision or from the date of the submission of the tax return.